What part do Investors and real estate owners play in creating the business infrastructure for successful investment returns and growth thereby directly protecting their investment?

Roles of investors and real estate owners in creating the right business infrastructure for successful investment returns.

by Rob Burborough

The creation of the right conditions for ecosystems to thrive is pivotal to the success of occupiers and real estate owners’ businesses. A combination of high-quality adaptable space coupled with excellent access to amenities, infrastructure, accommodation, schools with good transport links are all vital components in making science hubs and innovation districts attractive destinations.

Linking the company’s ecosystem with the employee’s ecosystem will create spaces that people want to work in and a buzz about the environment created by the real estate investors.

Real estate owners can protect their investments by adopting a progressive, sustainable, and socially inclusive atmosphere. This philosophy has been tried and tested worldwide by creating smart places to work where great science can be developed and creating a demand that will drive innovation whilst protecting the capital investment by creating growth in the asset value for investors and shareholders.

It is also important that investors invest in sustainability and have a robust Environment Sustainability & Governance (ESG) policy to which occupiers can buy into and contribute. Life science companies and their employees have a high personal moral compass and therefore want to ensure that they work and play in environments that are cohesive at all levels. Strategic commitment from the top of all organisations is an important consideration that protects investments through value creation.

One last point that investors and owners can do to protect their investment is to make sure they understand the business of their occupiers, communicate with them, invest in their success whilst protecting their investment for the long term. Science and Technology is an asset class in its own right that thrives on good communication and adaptability.