Dealing with Extension of Time Assessments in a COVID-19 World

Dealing with Extension of Time Assessments in a COVID-19 World

by 3PM


Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic is still having a sustained impact on our lives in general, the UK construction and property industry has been severely impacted by COVID-19.

Many contractors, either through choice or necessity have decided to shutdown sites temporarily and then re-open having implemented additional COVID-19 related working practice and operational procedures.

The programme and cost impact of these site shutdowns and reduced productivity on construction projects when they re-start are inevitable.  Although consultants and legal practitioners are reviewing the implications of this unprecedented situation, there is not a common and pragmatic approach yet available to assess the contractual and legal issues.

We at 3PM have developed a way through the confusion of COVID-19 and the assessment of any extension of time (EOT) claim in a responsible and fair manner.  Here we explore:

  • The top 3 issues we have encountered
  • How we are dealing with it within a COVID-19 world
  • How to get in touch if your require further information


Top 3 Issues









The 3PM Way









Through the Covid-19 related EOT solutions we have developed and been providing to our clients, we believe that there exists genuine needs from both client and contractor’s senior management/board to follow non-dispute route and find a collaborative approach for settlement and indeed a justifiable case report to back up the solution, which can be provided by a professional advisor like 3PM.

We can provide an in house independent team to carry out an EOT assessment as a 3rd party validation exercise and produce a case report as required, in a fixed fee subject to specific client requirements.

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