3PM Risk Process

Adopting a more collaborative approach to risk mitigation

by Rob Burborough

At 3PM we pride ourselves in being leaders in risk management. We utilise these skills on every project we manage for the benefit of the project and our Clients. This expert advice has been shared with numerous Clients which has saved them time and money. Most people view risk management as being overly cumbersome and ineffective which is perhaps why so many professionals don’t embrace risk management. At 3PM we adopt a different approach by proactively involving the whole team and engaging them with the process and educating them to understand how managing risk is a benefit to all. How do we get the team to buy into this philosophy? Its simple, we link each team members perceived risk with the actuality of the risk. this is based on their knowledge of the issue and the empowerment to create mitigations from that risk analysis.
Our assessment of risk goes beyond a register to explore the 3 point cost and programme scenarios to inform trends and contingencies thus allowing mitigation.

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