Robert Burborough


Sentence that describes you

Passionate, energetic, enthusiastic and driven about delivering excellent Project Management, Rob uses his creative approach to support teams in bringing the best out of everyone he works with.

Role in Company

Partner who is responsible for business strategy and the lead for the science, pharma and technology sectors.


Rob is a professional Project Manager with an extensive track record of delivering successful portfolios, programmes and projects in a variety of sectors, scales and complexities. Communication and leadership are areas where Rob is able to demonstrate his expertise having managed highly successful teams. He is a true innovator in the project management field with his breadth of knowledge and extensive experience allowing him to lead by example.

He is able to quickly provide a trusted consultancy advice to clients to help them realise their vision and aspirations whether at business case and investment decision, implementation or operational.
Rob is highly experienced in the management of multiple stakeholders and bringing creative and diverse solutions his projects. His personable nature means he is capable of quickly developing strong relationships with clients, project teams and peers globally.

Some of Rob’s Projects