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UK Life Sciences Vision

by James Buckley-Walker

Last week, the UK government published the new UK Life Sciences Vision, a 10-year strategy developed in collaboration with industry and academia, that sets out a blueprint for the future of science and healthcare in the UK. This strategy establishes a holistic mission to solve some of the greatest healthcare challenges our society will face in the future and following the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Click here to read the UK Life Sciences Vision.

At the core of this vision is collaboration; with regulators, industry, the NHS, academia and medical research charities, focusing on the 7 critical healthcare missions of preventing, diagnosing, monitoring and treating diseases. The future of patients, research and the economy depend on engendering innovation across the entire science and health ecosystem through investment in academic research and development, manufacture and supply, as well as the delivery of new technologies and medicines to the public.

Building on the UK’s science and research infrastructure and harnessing our unique genomic and health data, the industry aims to make the UK the world’s leader in trialling and testing of new technologies to tackle critical healthcare challenges, especially within areas of lower socio-economic status.

Central to this is unlocking the potential of the UK’s health data to create the most advanced and integrated healthcare ecosystem in the world, building on the country’s strong history in genomics and using research assets to drive the next generation of discoveries.

We have recently been working with our own industry collaborators to map the future of data, from its collection, dissemination, computation into AI and machine learning, with the understanding that data will be at the core of the life sciences vision to accelerate the speed to market into measurable healthcare benefits where it is most needed. You can find more information on this in our Digital solutions driving life science property needs article in Savills’ publication Life Sciences: Trends & Outlook – January 2021. 

3PM is proud to currently be working with over 20 of the collaborators to this pioneering strategy, which aligns with our own company vision to “solve complex problems and provide solutions to make life better for everyone”. We are excited to play our part in the positive impact science & health will make to the future of the UK and the world.